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Our initial conversation is most critical. Our recruiters will set an introduction call time with you to begin discussing your work experience. During this time, we will do a deep dive into your career goals, expectations, background status, work history, and more to better understand how we can partner with you. 


Now is not the time to be humble. Start outlining your achievements throughout your career. A good rule of thumb is to be proactive and begin to write them down so we can discuss them in detail. Our goal is to help you bring out the amazing highlights that make you,

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After our introduction call, we will send you an application link. This gives us the authorization to represent your profile to our clients. 


We want you to have a great first impression. Our goal is to help you build and present the best profile as you engage in your career search.


We will need your professional resume along with professional references. 

Your skill set and experience will guide us and determine if any additional assessments are needed to be considered for a client opportunity.

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Our client commitment is to only send fully vetted, qualified candidates for their consideration.  In turn, our client's must pass a vetting process in order for AtWork to represent their opportunity to our proprietary candidate partner network.


As we introduce your profile to our clients, your recruiter will keep you informed of any interest. Be patient as we rely on client communication to keep you updated. Once you are confirmed, be prepared to continue with coaching sessions as we will help you bring out your best during your interview and hiring process.