Why Work with a Recruiter?

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Working with a recruiter can multiply your chances of finding a job during your search. How does a recruiter increase your odds of finding the right fit? First, when you apply for a job and work directly with a recruiter and a staffing agency, you are not only applying for one position, you are throwing […]

Be Jolly!

Atwork - Be Jolly! Blog Post

As you finish strong in 2021, make sure you take time for yourself. As we have all endured new challenges this year and we continue to push forward toward bigger and better things, self care becomes even more important. One question to ask as you enter the holiday season is, “What brings a smile to […]

10 Essential Tips To Ensure Success with Your Recruiter

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Voicemail Prep Clear your voicemail inbox on your phone. When you are looking for work, make sure you have room for potential companies to leave you a message. Also, make sure your outgoing voicemail is appropriate for potential future employers. Leave a clear message about who you are and give plenty of space for them […]

Success Story in Las Vegas

Atwork - Success Story Blog Post

We love sharing stories of our client’s success. For each person who walks through the door, submits an application, or calls us on the phone, it is our joy to connect them with new possibilities.   Esmeralda Guillen is no exception.   Esmeralda walked in our doors in Las Vegas, Nevada and she was hoping […]

Another Success Story

Atwork - Success Story Blog Post

We love celebrating our clients’ success! Each person who arrives in our AtWork Las Vegas Office is someone with goals, dreams, and obstacles. It is our hope to equip each person to overcome their obstacles and move them toward a career where they can find success. This month, we are highlighting Ricky Justice. He was […]