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Operations Coordinator



Christiana is the Operations Coordinator for AtWork in Las Vegas. Her portfolio responsibilities place her in a position of being the friendly and supportive, first face and voice for the candidates who call or come in to the AtWork offices. As the front line first impression for the company, Christiana embodies the famous saying, “you don’t get a second chance to make a first impression.” Her winning ways help candidates and everyone she meets feel comfortable and at ease!

She has been in the industry four years, since graduating from high school in 2014. She has helped assist over 2,500 candidates find jobs. She is responsible for skills testing and helping future employees navigate the process of finding their best employment opportunity. She prescreens candidates online applications, ensuring their completion prior to the appointment; assists candidates properly and thoroughly to complete the necessary documents for employment. She is also responsible for making sure that payroll is completed accurately and in a timely manner.

Christiana holds various other administrative support roles that promotes the success of employment for the AtWork candidates and ensures the office operates at peak performance


Christiana is a true city girl at heart. Being that she was born and raised in Las Vegas, she loves the fast-paced, high energy, and diversity of the strip. She has discovered that travelling has become one of her biggest passions and has been to 7 different countries thus far. She expresses that her faith and her family are two of the biggest gifts in her life. She is eternally grateful for both. Engaging with people and getting to hear their story is an important philosophy in her life; she hopes  that through this philosophy she will be able to spread encouragement and an eternal hope to those she encounters. 

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