10 Essential Tips To Ensure Success with Your Recruiter

  1. Voicemail Prep Clear your voicemail inbox on your phone. When you are looking for work, make sure you have room for potentials companies to leave you a message. Also make sure your outgoing voicemail is appropriate for potential future employers. Leave a clear message about who you are and give plenty of space for them to respond.

  2. Location Update Update your location if you have moved. Most recruiters utilize a “Search Radius” as part of their screening. This is to make sure they aren’t wasting your time with a position that is not commutable.

  3. Phone Response Call back quickly if your recruiter calls you. When they take time to call, it means they have news, such as an interview, an update, or an offer. Call them back as soon as possible so they can move your application to the next steps in the process.

  4. Touch Base You should be touching base with your recruiter once per week, at a minimum. During this time, it's important to be honest about your status and the status of your interviews.

  5. Interview Readiness Take an interview the same day if offered. This is a great way to show your recruiter/potential new employer that you are serious about finding a career.

  6. References In Hand Have your references ready to present. This is a standard practice. Print them out and have them ready to go next to your folder of resumes.

  7. Tax ID Have your Tax ID information prepared. Know your allowances and make sure you have the ID required for your tax forms. This also includes direct deposit information. Make sure you make a good impression by having this information readily available.

  8. Technology Preparation - Log on Early If you have a Zoom or video meeting, make sure you log on AT LEAST 10 MINUTES early to iron out any hiccups with your technology. Also, be sure to leave time for mandatory technology updates.

  9. Referrals Send your recruiter referrals. It will help you and it will help them. This is how your recruiter gets and retains their best people.

  10. Stay in Contact NEVER ghost your recruiter. As long as you communicate, your recruiter can find a way to help almost any situation. Without clear communication, your recruiter cannot advocate for you.

Written by: Chris Graziano

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