Getting promoted takes time, growth, and dedication. It takes more than just doing your job well. To move up the ladder to the next step in your career, you have to prove to your leaders that you are ready to take on more responsibility. This takes consistently giving your best, staying dedicated to your work, and much more.

Manage your own career path by using these six tips:

1. Set and Communicate Career Goals Be goal-oriented

Sit down with your manager to set and discuss your professional goals. Be open about where you see yourself in 6-months or a year. Your manager will help you achieve these goals by giving you opportunities to grow and provide support to keep you on track.

2. Always Be a Team Player Be collaborative

Employers don’t like when employees are focused on “I” rather than “we.” They want team players who are committed to helping the greater good of the team, which ultimately benefits the company. A good employee volunteers his or her efforts before even being asked. They volunteer for more tasks and responsibility, and not just because of immediate reward. This type of employees simply goes above and beyond and will be the first thought of when promotions are being decided.

3. Make Yourself Indispensable Be irreplaceable

How can you make yourself an indispensable member of your team? One way is to become the go-to person for something specific, like designing dynamic sales decks to dealing with challenging customers. People in positions like this are not only sought after by coworkers, but also seen by leadership because they naturally stand out as someone people are always looking for.

4. Keep Learning Take initiative

Show your boss that you’re committed to continuously improving your skills by finding learning opportunities, both within the office and outside of it.

5. Engage in Your Company Get involved

Being engaged goes beyond paying attention or taking notes in meetings. It means being an active member of your organization, coming up with new ideas for sharing successes in the workpla

ce. This shows your commitment to the company and the success of your co-workers.

6. Don’t Be Afraid to Take Charge Show leadership potential

Do you display passion, trustworthiness, decisiveness and confidence? Possessing these types of leadership skills is essential for getting promoted. Don’t get involved in office politics or develop bad habits, like being late or missing deadlines. Leaders need to be outstanding role models for those they manage.

What suggestions do you have for getting promoted during a pandemic?

The world has changed and the workplace is not immune. What matters most in today’s pandemic-reset work environment are the skills of resilience, adaptability and creativity. Rather than giving into a lack of motivation or discouragement, If you want to get promoted when times are tough, face the challenges and be visible at leading from the front.

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