Success Story in Las Vegas

We love sharing stories of our client's success. For each person who walks through the door, submits an application, or calls us on the phone, it is our joy to connect them with new possibilities.

Esmeralda Guillen is no exception.

Esmeralda walked in our doors in Las Vegas, Nevada and she was hoping for what many of our candidates hope for: a better job, stronger future, and brighter possibilities for her career.

We could see from her resume that she had a strong customer service background and knew that she had potential for better earnings and even a new industry. While she had not worked in the medical field or the manufacturing field, we knew that a job in Medical Manufacturing could mean higher pay and better hours.

We submitted her name and resume to a medical manufacturer and after only one phone call, they hired her on the spot! Not only did they want to bring Esmeralda onto their team, but they offered her more money than they originally said the job would pay.

Only a few days after contacting us, Esmeralda began a new position in a new career and a better situation for her life! This is why we do what we do.

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