5 Essential Actions to Land Your Dream Career in 2021

Updated: Feb 1

The new year has finally arrived, and it's time for an important decision. Are you ready to land your dream career? Is it time for a change?

  1. Research companies and create a list of potential places you would like to work. Get to know who is hiring now and what companies appear to be a good match for you. You can do this by reviewing blogs and recent news. Review company websites and utilize their online hiring process to be alerted for new jobs in your field. Make sure you have a profile set up, and make sure its complete with cover page, resume, and link to your personal website or LinkedIn account.

  2. Spend time tailoring your resume to each specific job. Since your resume can be worth $10 an hour, $50 an hour, or $100 an hour, it is critical that you have spent time preparing and perfecting it. Use online templates, resume courses, or even professional resume designers to help your resume stand out. Your resume is the only thing that separates you from other candidates until you can land an in-person or virtual interview. Spelling errors, poor formatting, lack of content, missing dates, and unclear keywords are all missteps that prevent candidates from being seen by the hiring manager.

  3. Use technology to your advantage. Invest time to complete online profiles 100%. Indeed and Zip Recruiter are outstanding resources if you have completed your profile. These sites allow you to search and apply to multiple positions from one location. Post your resume and update it EVERY week to bump you back to the top of search strings. Most recruiters search by activity date, so ensure you are at the top of their search by just updating your profile weekly on the job boards. Utilize sites like LinkedIn to network with people from your desired employer or other people that can help open a door for you.

  4. Be timely. One easy way to impress a future employer is to complete tasks, follow up on action items, take tests or assessments, and follow up with interviews as soon as possible. Make sure that you are expressing your interest through timely responses whether through e-mail or phone communication.

  5. Do the little things. Arrive early for interviews. Dress professionally. Mind your manners. Follow up well. Show interest along the way. Accept that glass of water in the interview. Prepare questions about the position and the company. Make sure that you are doing all the things if you are meeting for a traditional, in-person interview. If you are scheduled for a video interview, the same rules apply. Be prepared and log on early and make sure there are no issues getting into the conference.

  6. Contact AtWork Personnel to enlist the help of professionals. Reach out to your local AtWork office to connect to someone who will listen, guide, and direct you. AtWork exists to match great candidates to great careers. Don't go through this alone. We are here to make sure you are connected, informed, and ready!

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